21 jobs to keep you employed till 2029: Cognizant report

Ever wondered what job roles will emerge with the rise of new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation? These technologies are set to change the IT jobs landscape in the next few years. IT services company, Cognizant has published a report to guide jobseekers on the future IT jobs. 

Companies around the world have identified the need to invest in technologies that simplify human efforts and maximize the return on investments. This new report released by Cognizant is in continuation of its previous report detailing 21 new jobs, totaling it to 42 new jobs to look forward to in the coming years. 

The report is based on three broad themes which include ethical behavior, security and safety, and dreams. 

Here are 21 job roles listed in Cognizant’s report: 

1. Cyberattack agent 

2. Joy adjutant 

3. Data trash engineer 

4. Voice UX designer 

5. Head of business behavior 

6. Smart home design manager 

7. Uni4Life coordinator 

8. Cyber-calamity forecaster 

9. Algorithm bias auditor 

10. Juvenile cybercrime rehabilitation counsellor 

11. Tidewater architect 

12. E-sports arena builder 

13. Head of machine personality design 

14. Vertical farming consultant 

15. Virtual identity defender 

16. Virtual reality arcade manager 

17. Subscription management specialist 

18. Machine risk officer 

19. Chief purpose planner 

20. Haptic interface designer 

21. Flying car developer 

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