5 GitHub alternatives that you must check out

When it comes to a code hosting open source project, GitHub is a popular choice among developers. The platform was acquired by Microsoft last year for $7.5 billion to the dissatisfaction of many developers in the GitHub community. Recently, Microsoft allowed free users unlimited private repositories on GitHub in its efforts to woo the developers community. 

Here is our list of Github alternatives that you can rely on: 

#1. BitBucket 

The platform is an incredible alternative to GitHub that professional developers can consider. Bitbucket has a number of features that will help development teams collaborate on projects and initiate discussions within team members. The platform has unlimited repositories and features to store and collaborate. BitBucket is quite popular because of its user-friendly interface which allows large files. 

#2. GitLab 

It is a full-feature packed code storing and sharing repository. The platform is promoted as a single application for entire development. GitLab has all the features right from project planning, source code management, monitoring and, security. 

#3. Launchpad 

The open source code hosting platform is based on collaboration and Bazaar version control system. The platform offers a number of features right from developmental attributes, code hosting, mailing list, code reviews, bug tracking, and more. The Github alternative has comparable project management tools which simplify the teamwork. Launchpad offers free hosting for public projects and the pricing starts from $50. 

#4. Beanstalk 

The platform is known for its complete workflow and code review features. Beanstalk is largely used by corporates for private code hosting. The platform helps you create development workflow, including writing and reviewing. The platform has good Git and SVN hosting features. Beanstalk has always been positioned as an alternative of GitHub. The subscription package starts from $15 per month and goes up to $200 per month. 

#5. GitBucket 

This is a pluggable alternative to GitHub that runs and supports Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The platform offers a number of features and offers developer-centric attributes. GitBucket is based on Scala, hence supports easy installation and high extensibility. The platform is compatible with a large number of GitHub APIs. You can download the trial version for free.

Source - Techgig